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Xanthelasma are sharply demarcated yellow plaques that usually occur on the eyelids. The yellow plaques are deposits of fat and cholesterol under the skin. They are completely harmless but can be surgically removed if you dislike their appearance.

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About half of the people with Xanthelasma may have high cholesterol blood levels so it is recommended that all patients with Xanthelasma have their cholesterol checked.

Would Xanthelasma disappear?

No, they do not disappear. They can enlarge over time

How can Xanthelasma be removed?

Yes. Xanthelasma can be removed with by applying an acid (TCA) or a minor surgical procedure such as curettage or excision.

Would Xanthelasma come back after removal?

It is possible that Xanthelasma may recur, particularly if you have a high blood cholesterol level