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Mole Screening and Tracking

If you have many moles on your skin and find it difficult to monitor them, you may benefit from having your moles mapped with the Mole Scanner. The scanner takes precise images of the moles on your skin and compares each consecutive image taken over time detecting any changes in the pre-existing moles and alerting to the development of new ones. A mole scanner is a great technological aid in detecting early skin cancer.

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At Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic we use the DermoScan x2 System; a highly precise and specialist machine created by dermatologists and scientists together in Germany using the highest quality technology.

Our scanning machine works by taking HD images of your moles and compare them over time to produce an estimated risk of melanoma. The assessment made by the scanner is based on:

– Size

– Shape

– Colour

– Variation in pigment distribution

– Regularity of the border.

We also combine the scan with a clinical examination with one of our Consultant Dermatologists, so our patients benefit from a skin cancer expert’s knowledge and the cutting-edge technology we provide. We recommend screening for anyone with multiple pigmented moles and especially those with a family history or a personal history of melanoma. The time interval between screens varies according to the overall appearance of your moles. Individuals with unstable naevi or multiple irregular naevi may need a six-monthly review. We recommend annual screening for most individuals and we can place you on our recall system or book them for you in advance.

Where is Mole Scanning available?

We have a mole scanning machine at the Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic.

What happens during my appointment?

Generally, we book a 30-minute appointment for our patients with one of our specialist nursing team. You will be asked to undress so that we can examine your moles and we then scan for any suspicious moles to assess any potential risk for skin cancer (malignant melanoma). Our Dermatology Consultant will examine you within the 30 -minute appointment, this with the scanning machine ensures that we provide the highest possible standard of care.

What happens if a mole is shown to be abnormal?

If necessary, we may be able to remove any abnormal moles on the same day as the scan, alternatively a subsequent appointment will be scheduled. Excision of any abnormal moles will normally cost approximately £300-£600 (this covers benign lesion removal right to the higher end of a skin cancer excision) and then an additional £90-£110 histology fee. If the mole is shown to be cancerous then additional surgery may be required.

What is the cost of mole scanning?

We charge £200 for a standard scan appointment that takes approximately 30 minutes by a nurse and scanning of any suspicious moles. We combine this assessment with a review by a skin specialist.