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It has never been this easy to see your Dermatologist directly without a referral. At the time of increased pressure on GP surgeries across the country, getting a routine appointment with your GP to discuss your skin issues and then be referred to Dermatology may not always be straightforward.

So what are the advantages of a private consultation?

  • Get regular full body skin check -ups
  • Book a consultation at the time of your convenience
  • You will see a Dermatology Consultant (not a trainee junior doctor)
  • Skin biopsies and many of the ¬†treatments can be carried out at the time of the consultation to avoid delay
  • Any further treatments can be booked around your schedule
  • Receive your biopsy results within 10 working days
  • Save time and get your diagnosis and treatment promptly

Do you write to my GP afterwards?

Generally yes and you will receive a copy of the clinic letter in the post or email (if you prefer). If you would like us not to communicate with your GP, please let us know when you register.

We generally do not write to your GP following cosmetic consultations/treatments.

Would you have access to my NHS records and have my medical history?

No. We would only have your NHS records provided by your GP in a referral letter, if they have sent one. Therefore, it would be very useful if you bring any relevant medical history documents, the name of recent treatments/creams tried by your GP regarding your skin condition or any results of scans/blood tests to aid the doctor and minimise any duplication of tests.

Can a skin biopsy be done at the same time as the consultation?

Yes. If necessary, to confirm the diagnosis, a skin biopsy can be taken at the same time of the consultation. A biopsy means a removal of a very small amount of skin which is sent off to be analysed under the microscope by a histopathologist. It is a small surgical procedure that is done under local anaesthetic and it takes 5-10 minutes. The results usually come back in 7-10 days and your doctor will write with the results to you and your GP.

If I have a private consultation, does it mean I will be excluded from NHS care?

Not at all, you will never be excluded from NHS care if you are normally entitled to it. If following the consultation, you would like to proceed with treatment on the NHS, our doctor will write to your GP requesting a formal NHS referral.

Can you issue an NHS prescription following my private consultation?

No. We can only issue private prescriptions that you pay for at the pharmacy, regardless of your age. You can take your private prescriptions to any pharmacy. If you prefer to have an NHS prescription and you are not in a rush to obtain your medication, our doctor can write to your GP requesting to issue an NHS prescription. Your GP will usually oblige providing it is within their remit to prescribe such medication.

Who performs cosmetic treatments?

Cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Fillers and deeper chemical peels as well as surgical procedures are performed by doctors.

Aesthetic practitioners perform some non-invasive procedures such as light chemical peels, radiofrequency skin tightening, dermarollers and some laser treatments, all under the supervision of Dermatologists.

Will I have general anaesthetic for any of the surgical procedures?

No. All surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, which means you can go home straight after the procedure.

Will I have to pay for my Cosmetic consultation?

Yes. Regardless whether you will go ahead with the procedure or not you will be charged a consultation fee. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free consultations. If you are worried that the treatment you are looking for may not be available at our clinics (e.g. something that requires general anaesthetic), please get in touch and our booking administrators would be happy to advise you. Equally, if you are unsure, which specialist you should see, our friendly and knowledgeable booking administrators will be able to help.

Is there a late cancellation fee?

No. Sometimes you will not be able to make your appointment for a variety of reasons and we understand that. We do however appreciate very much if you would give us as much notice as possible so that your slot can be utilised for another patient. If you simply do not turn up to your appointment, we reserve the right to request £50 non-refundable deposit for your subsequent booking.