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Whom We Treat

At the Laser & Skin Clinics we treat all your family; we welcome patients of all age groups and backgrounds.


Some examples of whom we see and treat:

  • Patients with Skin rashes and skin conditions such as excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
  • Patients with acne and acne scarring
  • Patients that require Phototherapy (UVB and PUVA)
  • Patients with skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin changes
  • Patients wanting a general skin check and perhaps map their moles with the Mole Scanner
  • Patients who want to remove (lumps & bumps): moles, skin tags, cysts, lipomas, etc.
  • Patient seeking skin care advice and facial skin analysis with the Visia scan
  • Patients seeking Cosmetic treatments, including Cosmetic surgery
  • Patients with eczema, some of whom may need skin allergy tests
  • Patients who seek laser treatment, including the very popular laser hair removal

Do you accept self-funding as well as insured patients?

Yes, we accept patients who self-fund as well as insured patients. We work with all  major insurance companies.

Do I need a GP referral?

No if you are a self-funding patient. If you are using your insurance, please check your policy.

What is the booking process?

You can contact us by email or telephone to book your appointment, we will require some details to secure the appointment, however all payment details will be taken on the day of your appointment whilst you are in the clinic.

On arrival for your first appointment, we will ask you to check your details on a registration form and sign the form to confirm they are all correct.

We also include the following statements on our registration forms which you will need to agree to prior to being seen by the clinician:

  • I agree to pay for any consultations or treatments provided by Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic.
  • I agree to pay any balance outstanding, if the third-party insurer does not pay for my medical services in full (applies to insured patients only).
  • I authorise Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic to submit claims relating to my treatment to my insurer/third party (applies to insured patients only).
  • I have checked with my insurer that I have adequate medical cover prior to any consultation/treatment (applies to insured patients only).


Please find our Patient Privacy and Fair Processing Notice below


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