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Phototherapy (UVB and PUVA)

We are pleased to offer Phototherapy (light treatment) at the Worthing laser and skin clinic, the only private phototherapy center in Sussex. This treatment utilises either an ultraviolet B (UVB) or A (UVA) light sources and is and excellent and safe treatment for a variety of skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, polymorphic light eruption, pruritus and others.

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The types of phototherapy that we use are TL-01 (narrow band UVB) and  PUVA (psoralen with UVA). PUVA treatments are either for the full body or for hands and feet only. Phototherapy involves several short sessions, usually two or three times per week. Your dermatologist will advise you the most appropriate type of treatment and the frequency  regime depending on your condition. Throughout your treatment an excellent team of very experienced phototherapy nurses will support and guide you step by step.

Is it painful?


What happens during the Phototherapy treatment?

If you are having PUVA phototherapy, an oral drug called Psoralen is taken one hour before treatment. Alternatively, a bathing system or topical psoralens can be applied. During the treatment, patients will wear UVA protective goggles and must avoid exposure to sunlight for 24 hours after the session has ended. Clothing only needs to be removed from the area being treated. If you are having TL-01 (UVB) phototherapy, no Psoralens are necessary.

The length of each treatment session varies depending on the severity of the skin condition and can start with a few seconds increasing to a few minutes towards the end of the treatment course.

For more information, view our Phototherapy PUVA patient information guide.

How many sessions are required?

PUVA treatment is given 1-2 times per week for about 16 weeks but this is dependent on the severity of your skin condition and also the treatment plan that you and your Consultant Dermatologist will discuss and agree on. It involves a commitment from the patient to keep all his/her appointments throughout the treatment course.