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Skin Discolouration

There are a number of harmless pigmentation disorders that can lead to the appearance of increased facial ageing. We use a combination approach to get great results for our patients.

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The cause of skin discolouration include solar lentigo, pigmented seborrhoeic keratoses, melasma and skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and lichen planus. These problems usually require a combination of approaches to ensure maximum improvement: good sun protection, skin lightening creams, oral medication, topical retinoid creams, chemical peels and/or laser treatment. We will advise you on what the most appropriate treatment for the cause of your pigmentation.

Melasma is probably the commonest cause of pigmentation that we treat and is thought to be due to a combination of sunlight, hormones and environmental factors. We usually treat patients with sunblock, skin lightening products, oral medication and skin peels to control the pigmentation. Laser treatment can sometimes make this type of pigmentation worse. We carefully diagnose the causes of your condition so that we can safely treat you.