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Oily Skin

Some patients can suffer from an over-production of sebum which leads to an unwanted shiny appearance and can be associated with a higher risk of acne.

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Oily skin or seborrhoea can affect appearance by making skin look shiny, difficult to apply make-up and increasing the risk of spot breakouts. The cause is usually genetic and patients often recall that one of their parents also suffer with the same thing.

We try and dissuade patients from over-washing their skin as this often makes the body produce more oil to compensate and increases the risk of developing spots. An exfoliative cleanser and a soothing moisturiser gently reduces the impact of oily skin while allowing any damaged skin cells to repair themselves.

We can treat severe cases using Vitamin A tablets or cream. Also known as Retinoids, this class of medicines can be very effective at reducing grease production. If the idea of taking a medicine doesn’t appeal, Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that is available in cosmetic skin products that we can recommend to you instead.