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Pre Cancerous Skin Lesions

These are skin lesions (spots /blemishes/ patches) that are abnormal and are at risk of developing into skin cancer. The risk of cancerous transformation varies from insignificant to very high risk depending on each individual lesion and many other patient factors, including general health, previous history of skin cancer and medication just to name a few.

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The most common types of pre-cancerous skin lesions are Actinic (solar) keratoses, Bowen’s disease and Lentigo Maligna. All are caused by previous excessive sun exposure.

Actinic keratoses and patches of Bowen’s disease can develop into a Squamous cell cancer. However, the risk for most is relatively low.

A Lentigo maligna usually presents with a dark brown patch (large dark freckle), often on the head and neck. It can sometimes progress into a skin cancer, Melanoma. Melanoma can be a life-threatening skin cancer, therefore it is important to detect and treat a Lentigo maligna early. Early diagnosis and removal (usually surgical) of a Lentigo maligna offers a great prognosis.

If you are worried about any lesions on your skin, particularly if you have lived in a hot country, or used to be a sun-worshipper, worked outdoors, have a history of pre-cancerous or cancerous skin problems, do not postpone having your skin assessed by one of our expert Dermatologists.

As we all know… prevention is better than cure!