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Skin Cancer Surgery

Skin cancers need to be removed with surgery. Our doctors have all been trained to the highest national standards to undertake skin surgery procedures. We also use these to remove harmless skin lumps, such as cysts, skin tags and benign moles.

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Skin surgery is carried out under a local anaesthetic and the lesion (what we call any skin growth or blemish) is removed using a blade or a curette (a ring-shaped tool with sharp edges). We use an array of techniques to close the wounds afterward. There is usually a small amount of bleeding and a pulling sensation during surgery, but there is no pain. Patients are able to walk out of the surgery afterwards and, providing the aftercare advice is followed, there should be minimal scarring. We offer advice and support during the pre- and post-operative phase and our patients feel supported through what can be a very difficult time for them and their families.