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The Apex Facelift®

As we advance in age, the facial skin becomes more lax and loses volume. This can result in jowls at the jawline and sagging of the skin in addition to wrinkles and lines that form. Many people feel this can give them a tired appearance. While this process is normal, you don’t have to accept it. Instead, you may be the perfect candidate for The Apex Facelift®, a contemporary surgical technique that rejuvenates the ageing face. This surgical technique was pioneered by Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon, Mr. Darryl Coombes.

This revolutionary minimally invasive surgical technique differs from a traditional facelift as you will experience minimal bruising and swelling for a significantly quicker recovery period. A key benefit of the Apex Facelift® is that there is minimal scarring as the incisions are easily concealed within your natural facial contours and hairline. The Apex Facelift® rejuvenates the lower third of the face eliminating jowls and ageing lines that develop around the jawline and gives a subtle refreshed appearance. This painless surgery is undertaken with local anaesthetic, and is usually completed within 90 minutes as an outpatient procedure, which means you are able to go home after your procedure. You will see immediate results and will be able to return back to work within a week with your best face forward.