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Laser treatment for facial veins and redness

Redness of the face is usually due to a combination of background redness and superficial vessels (telangiectasia). It is most often caused by Rosacea which is very common in both men and women. It can be very embarrassing especially in men as it is often assumed to be linked to excessive alcohol consumption.

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A combination of lasers is often used to achieve the best results. Typically, 2-3 laser treatments are required at 3-6 weekly intervals. Patients with severe background redness may require 6-8 sessions. Whilst in some cases the redness can be reduced through the use of medication or creams, laser therapy is the most effective method of treating this common condition.

Thread veins (telangiectasia) on the nose and cheeks can be quickly and easily removed at the clinic by our experienced medical team of doctors and aesthetic practitioners. The treatment typically takes 20-30 mins and most facial thread veins can be removed in just 2-3 treatment sessions. We offer Laser Thread Vein Removal at all three of our clinics.

We use the same medical lasers as leading Consultant Dermatologist colleagues around the world and our technology and medical experience enables us to get great results for our patients. We use a Diode 532 Laser or a Nd:Yag laser to effectively treat vessels on the cheeks and nose. This treatment is particularly effective against most facial thread veins up to 2mm in diameter, but even larger vessels can in some cases be removed by our doctor using electrocautery. Whilst the Diode 532/Nd:Yag take care of the thread veins we often combine the treatment with our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) device which is used to remove any background redness.

Our lasers are the most effective for treating facial thread veins. Other treatments, such as Veinwave or other microwave based technologies can often require multiple sessions to treat the same area, and the treatment is not always as successful as laser thread vein removal.