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Hair loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss is a very common problem and we all suffer from a degree of hair loss at some point in our lives. Often it is a temporary problem that requires reassurance only but occasionally the loss of hair is significant and can be permanent causing significant distress to the patient. It can affect all age groups.

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What causes hair loss?

There are many causes for hair loss. It could be the result of pregnancy, an illness, hormonal imbalance such as Polycystic ovary syndrome, autoimmune conditions such as Alopecia Areata, medication, or the result of a chronic scalp condition. It could be simply part of a normal aging process and the onset is often genetically predisposed (androgenetic alopecia that can affect both men and women)

How can hair loss be treated?

The treatment depends on the underlying cause. Some types of hair loss are temporary and will recover without any treatment, whilst others may beĀ  permanent and treatment options may be limited. If you are concerned about hair loss, make an appointment to see one of our very experienced Dermatology Consultants, for an assessment and management plan.