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Hand & Foot Orthopaedic Surgery

Mr Dirk Nowak, our fantastic Orthopaedic Surgeon, can help you to remove those unsightly bunions, claw and hammer toes and make your feet look beautiful and feel comfortable again. Do you miss wearing your favourite shoes or sandals? Its time to start loving your feet again!

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Hallux Valgus (Bunion Correction)

In contrast to all other methods, this is a ‘micro invasive’ operation without any permanent implants (such as screws or plates). A titanium wire is used for splinting to ensure safe weight bearing. After 4 weeks the wire is removed without the need of anaesthetic and is totally pain free. The incision into the skin is only a few millimetres long, with no visible scars remaining after 6-12 months; creating an aesthetically perfect result. Incredibly, even right after surgery patients are able to walk out of clinic, full weight bearing – this means both feet can be operated on at the same time without restricting your ability too much. This technique is highly sought after and Mr Dirk Nowak is expertly trained, performing many of these operations each month here at Worthing Laser & Skin Clinics and at his clinic in Munich, Germany.

Hallux Rigidus – Osteoarthritis

Hallux Rigidus describes the osteoarthritus of the big toe joint. It is commonly perceived in sports, particularly in runners. The neutral rolling movement is no longer possible and causes pain and stiffness which will cause the patient to involuntarily change their walk or run to try and manage it – subsequently making things worse.
Mr Nowak’s procedure involves relief of arthritic joint surfaces using a silicone implant, this acts as joint-preserving surgery and achieves excellent results lasting for 10 years or more, allowing for mobility in the joint; something which other treatment options does not provide.

The silicone implant is inserted into the toe joint with ease; the operation generally takes between 15-30 minutes to complete using local anaesthetic and is performed as day-case surgery, meaning you will be discharged the same day.

Claw and Hammer Toe

Claw and Hammer Toes often occur together with bunions and can be treated in the same procedure. The claw toe in the base joint becomes hyper extended while the middle of the toe and the end joint are bent. The mobility in the final stage is totally restricted and the affected toe hurts mostly by the pressure of the diffracted joint rubbing against the shoe.

The most widely used operation, and one which has also proven itself as a low-risk procedure is the Hohmann technique, in which a piece of bone from the base joint of the claw toe is removed and the toe is brought back into a stretched position.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

Millions of people suffer cartilage damage every year. It can be very painful and sometimes lead to osteoarthritis later in life. The damage progresses when the protective shock absorbing cartilage that covers the bone within the joint is slowly broken down until the bone is exposed, typically requiring an artificial joint replacement.

At Worthing Laser & Skin Clinics we can inject a Hyaluronic Acid solution; a natural component of synovial fluid found already in our joints. Once this is injected, the Hyaluronic Acid acts as a cushion inside the body and encourages the growth of cartilage whilst lubricating the damaged joints. Mr Dirk Nowak can treat the Knee, Elbow, Shoulder and Heel. This is a great option if you are unsure about having invasive surgery but want effective pain relief.

Ganglion/Myxoid Cyst

Both Ganglion and Myxoid Cysts are a benign swelling that can occur on the fingers, wrists, hands, ankles and sometimes toes. They can sometimes disappear naturally; however they can become painful if located near a tendon or nerve, so removal is recommended if this is the case.

The procedure involves a small incision into the skin to remove the cyst.