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Mr. Dirk Nowak

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, specialising in hand & foot surgery

Mr. Dirk Nowak specialises in hand, foot and ankle procedures. He has made a name in the field of Hand & Foot Orthopaedic Surgery and is also Medical Director of the European Foot Institute in Munich and London.

Where possible, Mr Nowak operates using the Bösch technique: a method that allows for immediate postoperative stress on the foot and uses a minimally invasive incision (5mm). It is a technique which obtains a functional and aesthetically perfect result. The microinvasive operation requires no wide incision, and reconstructs the beauty of a normal foot by making a sculptural 3-D shift of the deviated metatarsal bone and big toe. At the same time this “rebuilding” improves the function dramatically. The operation is performed as an outpatient procedure under surgical conditions. It allows immediate full weight-bearing with the operated feet protected by wearing special support sandals. Assuming an optimal healing process, it is possible to slip back into one’s desired shoes, even high heels, after just two months.